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Barbecue Grill Light with 10 Super-Bright LED Lights, Black

Barbecue Grill Light with 10 Super-Bright LED Lights, Black

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Kuisiware is becoming Zeust…
…and you, our loyal followers are in for a treat!

Over the coming months the Rovyo Group, the company behind Kuisiware and the Barbecue Grill Light is excited to announce that we will replace the Kuisiware brand with our new name and brand – ZEUST™.

Call it divine inspiration or a bolt of illuminating lightning from the god Zeus himself. The new Zeust name and brand not only signifies our focused and heightened development as a company, but our revitalised energy and passion to provide our customers with more than just a leading and hugely popular BBQ grill light.

We want to light up your whole outdoor cooking, relaxing and social experience!

And in doing so provide you with a superior range of powerful and bright fixtures and fittings that will be fit for the seats of kings – or in our case, the laps of the gods!

We’ve listened to your questions and heard your requests. We’ve pondered the solutions and sought sources far and wide. But now it has come a time to act.

And unveil the core of our values and the proposition that you in truth would love us to stand behind and become part of.

ZEUST™ - power bright™

It’s our mission from the gods and our path of en’light’enment.

It’s what YOU want and then some. So join us ‘zeusters’ and let’s start doing it for ourselves.

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